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Deconstructing Bézier curves

Tue 16 Aug 2022

Graphists, animators, game programmers, font designers, and other graphics professionals and enthusiasts are often working with Bézier curves. They're popular,...

prog, math

Invert a function using Newton iterations

Thu 11 Aug 2022

Newton's method is probably one of the most popular algorithm for finding the roots of a function through successive numeric...

prog, math

From roots to polynomials

Sun 07 Aug 2022

Polynomials can be represented in various forms. The most common ones are those I call the "sum of powers" (for...

prog, math

Saving a restic backup the hard way

Mon 06 Sep 2021

This is the end of the holidays in which I spent a long time building a backup infrastructure like a...

debug, reverse, sysadmin

The most useful math formulas

Wed 09 Jun 2021

These last years, in the context of working on a graphic rendering engine, I've been confronted to many engineering problems...

prog, math

Building a competitive ladder for OpenRA

Fri 25 Dec 2020

3 years ago, mainly for nostalgic reasons, I started playing [OpenRA](https://www.openra.net), a free and open-source re-implementation of the engine of...

prog, openra

Finding specific multimedia samples

Thu 13 Aug 2020

When working in multimedia or image processing projects such as FFmpeg, we tend to accumulate a lot of samples over...

prog, ffmpeg, av

Story of debugging a crash in MPD

Wed 12 Aug 2020

Getting close to 3 years without posting. I haven't been peacefully enjoying a retired commoner life during all this time....

prog, debug, reverse, av

Self editing a (French) novel with free and open source software

Wed 25 Oct 2017

In 2013, my companion wrote a novel about medieval music and audio senses, *De Auditu*. Originally distributed exclusively on the...

book, floss, artwork

Making development board cases with ShimonBox

Tue 17 Oct 2017

Collecting ARM development boards has become a disease I've been carrying for a while now. Welcoming a new board to...

prog, openscad, 3dprint

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