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Cries hunting


Some people might be wondering why I'm not very active on my blog lately. This is of course because I'm on a mission of the utmost importance: watch some animes in order to complete lolicri.es index.

Sometimes, I remember approximately where the cries are located, but most of the time I'm seeking as fast as possible across all the episodes to find the precious cry.


I propose here a method I used to complete the best of Akari cries. I remembered pretty well the Ahi~, but couldn't find a good one after an hour of random seeking.

A very simple method is actually to use the subtitles. So I extracted all the muxed subtitles with mkvextract:

for f in $1/*.mkv; do
    mkvextract tracks $f 2:$i.ass

And tried some grep -i 'ahi!'. Unfortunately, nothing came up.

Though, that cry has a cheerful connotation, and generally means "yes", so I tried again with grep -i 'Yes!', and got several results. And then pretty quickly I found two very interesting cries which I added.

Ideally, the script could implement the call to the player with a seek, but this is left as an exercise to the reader and future contributor.

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