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Anime influences

Mon 12 Mar 2012

Watching animes is mainly a distraction, or a hobby. But at times you can run into a real masterpiece that...

animes, misc

Cries hunting

Sat 10 Mar 2012

Some people might be wondering why I'm not very active on my blog lately. This is of course because I'm...

fun, animes

LAS Lossy Audio Spotter

Wed 10 Aug 2011

`FLAC` is supposed to be a lossless codec. Actually it is, but the source might not be. Stupid people, or...

music, audio analysis, prog, ffmpeg, fft, av

Reverse in Arakis

Mon 18 Apr 2011

While tidying my room last time, I ran into an "old" game made by [WideScreen Game] [1] (a French company...

reverse, game, dune, python, prog

simple_vhost with NGiNX

Sat 16 Apr 2011

When I migrated from [lighttpd] [1] to [nginx] [2], I really missed the [mod_simple_vhost] [3], and was desperately looking for...

nginx, sysadmin, trick

Masquerade ball with eight queens

Sat 16 Apr 2011

A while ago, I had some fun writing a solution for the [classic eight queens puzzle] [1]. But rather than...

prog, bitwise, fun, fapfapfap

Smart and simple progress value hack

Thu 31 Mar 2011

Lately at work, we were wondering how to compute a simple progress value (let's say for a download in our...

prog, fapfapfap, fun

Scavenger hunt

Tue 29 Mar 2011

The Pokémon hidden items reverse article I wrote a while ago was certainly the most interesting one in my old...

rom hacking, reverse, game, pokemon, pokanalysis, hidden, secret, gb

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